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Torreira talks about future away from Arsenal

Lucas Torreira
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Arsenal midfielder Lucas Torreira has cast further doubt on his future with the Gunners as he talks about dreams of playing for another club.

Lucas Torreira’s Arsenal future is already under the microscope following his agent’s claim that the player is considering other options.

Now the player himself has cast further doubt, after suggesting he dreams of playing for the likes of Boca Juniors after a successful career in Europe.

Not well, there is no mention in his Fox Sports interview of a future with the Gunners.

Torreira said:

“I imagine a Copa Libertadores night at the Bombonera wearing Boca’s shirt, of course.”

“Right now my head is in Europe and I want to stay for a while.”

“But I have that desire and dream to go to Boca, not just to retire, but to compete and feel what the Boca world is.”

“My family is big soccer fans and we Uruguayans watch a lot of Argentine football.”

“It is one of the most important teams in South America, very passionate, so from a very young age this affection, this love for Boca was born.”

“It is true that I have great affection for the club and hopefully it will be forever.”

Will Torreira’s attitude see him put on Mikel Arteta’s “must go” list?