Torres thinks Juventus should be afraid of Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid legend Fernando Torres, spoke openly about the upcoming Champions League match between Juventus and his former club.

We can’t really deny that one of the most exciting Champions League confrontations we are getting is the one between Juventus and Atletico Madrid, but Fernando Torres doesn’t seem to accept the narrative that the Italians are favorites to get the win only because they have Cristiano Ronaldo on their side.

For ‘El Niño’, the Colchoneros have the drive that supports what should already be considered a candidacy for the title because the final will be played at the Wanda Metropolitano.

Even though we are still far away from the time these two squads meet in the competition, Torres was visiting his country to open a foot clinic in which he is a partner and he was interviewed by Diario AS about several topics.

However, the most interesting statement by far came when the journalist asked him if Atletico should be afraid of Juventus and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Fernando’s reaction was priceless, mainly because he is an Atletico at heart, but also because he does have a point in saying that any other club in Europe should beware of what the Colchoneros might be able to accomplish this season.

“I think the tournament will be complicated, just like any other Champions League season. That match is still a long way from now,” said Torres to Diario AS.

“The most important thing for the squad is to remain competitive in La Liga right now because that’s what going to give you that boost you need to confront those two matches against Juve.”

“Due to what Atletico has shown in the last matches they’ve played, I would say that it’s okay to have respect for the opponent but never fear.”

“We can’t fear anything and no one. If Atletico manages to play as I know they can and have the usual right mindset for the Champions League, it is Juventus the ones who have to worry.”

“In these last years, the club has managed to position itself where every single Atletico fans have always wished,” he added.

The journalist also asked him about fellow Atletico, Gabi, and about his farewell match that is about to be played: “Gabi has been a key figure in the club’s growth in the last few years, he has been a fundamental part of it all,” continued Torres.

“He was part of a complicated time at the beginning, just like I was. He also had to go out and earn his return later. He never had anything handed to him and he was able to return, to have minutes and become indispensable.”

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“From that moment forward, he was always crucial for the club until the day he decided to leave. All the love he receives next Saturday will never be enough. All the people feel the same way as I do, and they will all make sure that he can sense it,” he concluded.

Fernando Torres is also one of the very few players who was able to leave Atletico and then make a triumphant comeback to the club of his life, to then have the proper sendoff, unlike many more players who don’t have that privilege.

Today in Japan, ‘El Niño’ is living the final years of his career as he deserves, with a fat check and the ideal retirement plan that all the great footballers always wanted.

When asked if he would return to Atletico Madrid if they needed him again, Fernando was more realistic with his response and confirmed that the Colchonero life as a player is behind him.

Although he still doesn’t know when he will hang up his boots, we all have a feeling that the day keeps getting closer and closer by the minute.

As far as his statements about Juventus go, nobody should underestimate what Atletico Madrid will be able to accomplish this season, but Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus will be one of the biggest tests for the Colchoneros that they will have to pass with flying colors if they want a claim for that title by the end of the season.

Do you agree with Fernando Torres, or should Atletico Madrid be afraid of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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