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Tostao doesn’t think Neymar failed as a footballer

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During an interview with El Pais, Brazilian Tostao came out in Neymar’s defense but also called him out on his flamboyant attitude in public.

Being Neymar must be one of the most complicated things right now, the Brazilian player has been called out by legendary compatriots such as Tostao.

The former footballer turned doctor offered an interview to El Pais, he spoke about Neymar’s latest behavior and called him out on his attitude.

However, Tostao doesn’t believe that Neymar is a failure as a player because he’s always been one of the best on the pitch when he is not injured.

The main problem that Tostao sees in Neymar is that fame went to his head, this is why he thinks the player is not having the best year of his career.

But having a bad year is not the same as being a complete failure, Neymar’s accolades and stats speak of a very successful player who simply was unlucky this season.

Tostao talked about this unfortunate period that Neymar is going through, but he criticized people who are calling him a failure.

If we look at Neymar’s stats and numbers, the man is already one of the most successful players in modern football.

He has won trophies in all the three clubs that he’s played, he has even won the Olympic Gold Medal with Brazil.

Tostao coming out to defend him is well backed by facts, but the former player is also right to call Neymar out on his poor attitude in recent months.

“I think Neymar had an unnecessary and irresponsible behavior lately. He lives from fame,” said Tostao to El Pais.

“It’s all gone way up to his head, he seems like a pop star more than a footballer… All that has been very bad for his career.”

“But those are the choices that young people make today. Today’s youth is very different from the youth from the past.”

“Neymar is not the only one making all these bad choices. There are other personalities who aren’t necessarily footballers, that have similar behavior.”

“Messi is an exception to this rule. Most footballers lead a responsible life, filled with problems.”

“It would be nice if Neymar could change, it would be great if he could have a different behavior off the pitch. He is always training, he gets very well-prepared for every match.”

“If Neymar didn’t prepare as well, the situation would be much worse than it actually is. I keep hearing a lot of people that Neymar is a failure…”

“In what way has he failed? I’ve watched most of his games for Santos, Barcelona, and PSG. Almost every single one of them.”

“And he was one of the best players on the pitch almost always. Every time that I watch one of his matches, even with Brazil, he is always the best.”

“How can people say he failed? He has demonstrated all his talent to the world.”

“The problem is that Neymar is not as constant as Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, or other players because he suffered serious injuries.”

“He’s been off the pitch in the most important moments for him over the last couple of years,” he concluded.

Tostao still thinks Pele is the best ever.

Another one of the important matters that Tostao spoke about during this interview, was King Pele.

The Brazilian player was one of the major components of the Brazil squad that won the 1970 World Cup next to the Brazilian legend.

There is always the debate about who is the best player in football history, Messi always comes up in the conversation.

Tostao still thinks that Pele is better than Messi for a single reason: the Brazilian was much stronger than the Argentine.

Tostao does think Leo is better than Maradona, but he still thinks Pele is on a very different level for his physicality alone.

We must believe him because he spent many years looking at Pele training and playing with his country.

Tostao sees a huge difference between Messi and his compatriot when things get more difficult for their respective squads, Leo didn’t have the level of response to adversity that Pele did.

When the match got really complicated, Tostao remembers his captain taking control of the situation and carrying the team on his shoulders.

This is not the case with Messi all the time, especially when he plays for the Argentina National Team. Tostao also thinks that Neymar lacks that leadership with Brazil as well.

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