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Tottenham boss say Harry Kane not appreciated in England

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Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino feel his striker Harry Kane who has scored numerous goals for both club and nation would have been valued more and appreciated if he was not English.

Pochettino added that Kane is an “assassin” in front of goal, and suggested English football does not fully appreciate Kane’s talent.

“In England, you have a lot of…you…you have some very good things here but there are things you need to improve with your players,” he said via FourFourTwo.

“Kane is English and sometimes you push him to the sky and paradise and then you put him on the outside.”

“Now after six years here I understand a little bit. It is true. If Harry Kane is Italian and playing for the Italian side he will be a bit more protected because the Italian people are more protective of their players.”

“It is similar to Spain. Here it is more up and down. You score, you are the best. If you didn’t score, you are criticised. It’s an observation. That is the problem.”