Tottenham Hotspur completes the miracle vs Ajax

After a doubtful first half when everything seemed lost, Tottenham Hotspur completed the comeback vs Ajax with a Lucas Moura Hat-trick.

This Tottenham Hotspur squad deserves the world after such a challenging season, they completed yet another heroic comeback against Ajax.

The Champions League semifinals second series continued today at Johan Cruyff Arena between the Spurs and an apparently invincible Ajax squad.

The Dutch squad was coming from winning their first leg against Mauricio Pochettino’s squad, they were good enough to get that away victory.

But Tottenham Hotspur has never given up throughout the season, they were brave enough to always believe they could complete the miracle in Holland.

Ajax started the match with the bad news of David Neres missing the match due to an injury he sustained in the warmup.

Despite this setback, manager Erik ten Hag was confident that his players could take this match and reach the final.

The locals even got ahead int he scoreline through captain Matthijs de Ligt, who scored an early header that gave Ajax a 2-0 advantage on the aggregate.

The local squad even got ahead with a second goal from Hakim Ziyech after getting an assist from Tadic, Spurs seemed lost and doomed before half-time.

Pochettino’s half-time speech.

As we all know how well Mauricio Pochettino has motivated his players this season, this match would be no different.

The Tottenham players came back to the game with a very different motivation, they were almost possessed.

It took the Spurs 10 minutes to begin a heroic comeback that will go down in the history books.

Lucas Moura scored the first goal that began to worry all the Ajax fans, they suddenly realized the final was starting to slip through their hands.

Only two minutes after the first goal, Moura scored a beautiful goal after a combination with Dele Alli.

With this second goal from Spurs, Tottenham only needed one goal to complete their comeback and get into the final against Liverpool.

The final thirty minutes were extremely dramatic for both sides, worthy of a Champions League semifinal.

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Ziyech had the goal for Ajax near the end, he sent his shot straight to the post with only a few minutes left on the clock.

The ref added five minutes of extra time and Mauricio Pochettino kept pushing his players forward, the miracle was possible for Tottenham Hotspur.

There were images of injured Harry Kane biting his nails on the sidelines, he knew that he had a chance to play the final if his teammates completed this unthinkable feat.

Lucas Moura becomes the hero.

Two goals from Lucas Moura weren’t enough, there were many players who wanted to be the hero for Spurs but Moura was the one who did it.

The final minute during the added time was key for Tottenham. Moura found the opening from the outskirts of the box and took a shot that got in the back of the net through the bottom corner.

The Brazilian couldn’t believe what just happened, he scored his second hat-trick for Tottenham in the most unbelievable moment.

The Ajax players were speechless and Johan Cruyff Arena was completely silent, nobody could believe what just happened.

Tottenham Hotspur will play the Champions League final against Liverpool after a historical comeback against Ajax, it was another magical night for football.

If Mauricio Pochettino doesn’t get a blank check from Daniel Levy to sign more players next season, the Argentine manager should resign.

We may never see what this Tottenham Hotspur squad has done this season ever again, they completed one of the most beautiful underdog stories in recent memory.

It doesn’t matter who wins this season’s Champions League final, English football is the real winner.

How would you describe Tottenham Hotspur’s season so far? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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