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Tottenham investigate Son Heung-min racism claims

Son Heung-min
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English side Tottenham are currently investigating racism claims against Son Heung-min during their home defeat to Manchester United at Wembley on Sunday.

Journalist James Dickens who witnessed the incident says the abuse was carried out by a spectator and was directed at Son. Dickens added that he confronted the fan who swore at him and cared less, as reported by Sky Sports.

Dickens who tweeted that he witnessed the incident confirmed he is working with the club to identify the culprit:

“I’ve not experienced racism at football for about 15 years. But today at Tottenham was hideous. Reported to stewards, confronted him myself and was called a c*nt. While I was standing next to my son. Hideous.

— James Dickens January 13, 2019
“Spurs are looking into this now, and have been great.”

Tottenham found themselves in hot water last month after a fan threw a banana skin at Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who is of mixed race.

Racism has become an issue in English football as spectators of several clubs have been involved in the act which football governing bodies vehemently condemn.