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Tottenham stuns Manchester City through Son’s winner

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In a lively first match between Tottenham and Manchester City, Son Heung-Min’s late goal gave Spurs the win. Kane left the game with an injury.

Before this first Champions League match between Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur, every single book in the world gave the edge to Pep Guardiola’s side and completely underestimated Spurs for their first ever Champions League match at their own stadium.

If we have learned something throughout the years of this competition, it’s how unpredictable it can get regardless of which clubs are playing against each other.

It was just last season when we saw FC Barcelona getting humbled by AS Roma, this is the best possible example of never underestimating the underdog in any series because they reached this stage of the competition for a reason.

Mauricio Pochettino’s squad had all their players completely recovered from injuries they suffered at the start of 2019, this was more than enough reason for Pep Guardiola to be afraid of the outcome that his team could get at Tottenham’s stadium on Tuesday and the perfect opportunity for the Spurs to go after the kill against the Citizens.

The key moment during the first 45 minutes came early in the game as Rose committed a handball inside the box and the referee called a penalty after checking VAR, Sergio Aguero had the chance to score the first goal of the evening but Hugo Lloris denied him the opportunity with a fantastic save.

The first half was actually quite intense from both sides, we didn’t get any goals and the locals dominated most of the chances apart from that penalty in City’s favor.

For the second half we had even more chances created by the Spurs, Pep Guardiola’s initial proposal didn’t give us players who are going through a good moment such as Kevin de Bruyne or Leroy Sane.

The Catalan manager decided to line up Riyad Mahrez and Ilkay Gundogan instead of the two we mentioned, this was clearly Pep’s first mistake but it wouldn’t be his last this evening.

The Manchester City players were clearly instructed to go hard against Tottenham Hotspur, this tactic brought a terrible outcome early in the second half after Fabien Delph collided with Harry Kane and injured his left ankle.

The England striker immediately told his medical staff that he couldn’t continue and he directly headed to the dressing rooms, manager Mauricio Pochettino decided to give Lucas Moura the striker’s spot but the Spurs were clearly hurt after this happened.

Tottenham Hotspur’s whole season has been marked by moments like this one, they have managed to get out of incredibly difficult situations and stayed afloat thanks to the heroics of other players within the squad.

One of these players was going to be the one who would give Spurs the advantage.


With 12 minutes left on the clock, Son Heung-Min received a ball from Christian Eriksen that he nearly let escape through the end line.

The South Korean striker managed to save it and he was able to continue the moment despite Manchester City players protesting the call, Son didn’t hesitate and scored the only goal of the match with a shot that plunged to the back of the net by going under Ederson’s feet.

This momentary result was ideal for Pep Guardiola’s reaction, he needed to give other players a few minutes to save the result but he unexpectedly waited until the final two minutes to make two substitutions.

Absolutely nobody from the Manchester City camp understood Guardiola’s actions, they know that not scoring an away goal is very dangerous for the return leg at Etihad Stadium because even a 2-1 victory could eliminate them.

Either Pep Guardiola is feeling too confident for the second match or he simply froze during the most complicated moment for Manchester City, we will find out what exactly happened next week when these two squads face each other at Etihad Stadium.

For now, Tottenham Hotspur got a good result but a bad after taste due to Harry Kane’s injury.

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