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Tottenham win their inaugural match at their new stadium

Tottenham Hotspur v Crystal Palace - Premier League Son
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With goals from Son and Eriksen, Tottenham Hotspur finally stopped waiting and gave everyone what they wanted: a victory at their new stadium.

This Wednesday will be remembered as the day in which Tottenham Hotspur finally inaugurated their new stadium, it took them a while to finally play their first match near the end of this season but they got a pleasant welcome with a victory over Crystal Palace.

With a packed place and the hopes of a new beginning, the Spurs got to enjoy their new ground with a victory that took a little while to become clear after the Spurs weren’t able to score the first goal during the first half.

That responsibility of scoring for the first time ever at this new stadium was going to stay in the player’s heart forever, the lucky man who did it in the second half was Son Heung-Min with a shot that came from his left foot near the outskirts of the box and was slightly deviated by a Crystal Palace defender.

The whole stadium roared after this moment finally came, Son is the perfect man to get this honor as he’s been the best players of the season for Tottenham Hotspur so far and this is a fitting reward to his outstanding season.

Mauricio Pochettino was also very happy for this achievement, he can finally rest easy and not get bombarded with questions about the new stadium because it’s finally open.

With ten minutes still left on the clock, Christian Eriksen was the one who scored the second goal for Tottenham Hotspur with a weak but well-placed shot that got in through the bottom corner.

This result doesn’t only mark the first-ever victory for Tottenham Hotspur at their new stadium, it also gives the Spurs a momentary third position before Arsenal play their 32nd match of the season at Everton next weekend.

The fans really enjoyed the wonders of this new stadium that has many high tech commodities that very few other stadiums in the world have.

Wembley Stadium might be missed by many of the supporters who like watching Tottenham playing there, but there is nothing like the feeling of having your own house where you can perform in front of your own supporters without feeling alienated.

Daniel Levy finally fulfilled his promise to all the fans, but he still has a lot of work to do if he wants manager Mauricio Pochettino to remain at the club by next season.

The first step towards a new chapter in the club’s history began today, but the most important part of this task is the huge responsibility that will come next summer for the whole board of directors.

As we all know, Tottenham Hotspur is currently in the Premier League’s third position without signing a single player during the two transfer windows that the club went through in the summer and winter.

Manager Mauricio Pochettino signed a new contract with the club thinking that he would get new transfers that could come alongside this new stadium but that didn’t happen, he didn’t let this put him down and the season has been well above average considering the circumstances.

Now that the stadium is complete and it has been inaugurated, Daniel Levy doesn’t have any more excuses that he can tell Pochettino about the transfer window that’s coming next summer.

If the Spurs want to really compete for any major trophies under the Argentine manager, Levy is going to have to cut some fat checks in order to bring some world-class players to the club.

Another problem that Levy has are the players who are tired of not winning anything, he needs to bring them proper teammates that can help them win trophies or they will start leaving one by one as well.

Today is a day for celebration, but it is also a day for reflection.

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