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Tottenham’s Hugo Lloris: “I thought it was a goal”

Lloris, tottenham
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Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Hugo Lloris admits that he believed Manchester City’s disallowed winner was a goal.

Spurs were fortunate again tonight, after VAR cancelled out Gabriel Jesus’ last minute winner for Manchester City.


2-2 in stoppage time and Manchester City have a corner. The corner is whipped in, flicked on through a group of bodies. To where Gabriel Jesus takes a calm first touch and slots home the winner for a more than deserving Manchester City side.

The fans erupt into pandemonium, Jesus wheels off to the corner and Tottenham Hotspur’s players proceed to the half-way line.


Not so fast however, upon review. It seems that through the group of bodies, the ball hits Laporte’s hand whilst the defender is mid-jump.

Despite this being the correct decision according to this season’s handball rule change. The Tottenham goalkeeper told Sky Sports he felt as if the Citizens were unlucky in the call, especially with City defender Laporte not knowing about the incident.

Lloris’ comments came after a being on the receiving end of dominant performance by Manchester City. In which Spurs were not only lucky to have VAR come and save them late on, but were lucky not to be down long before that incident.


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