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Top 10 craziest English transfers that almost happened

Top 10 craziest English transfers that almost happened
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7. Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Arsenal

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, AC Milan, Serie A
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A young Zlatan began to catch attention in Europe by 2000 at his hometown club Malmo.

Naturally, Arsene Wenger led the charge and seemed to have won the race by inviting Ibrahimovic to London. He introduced him to the team and gave him a No.9 jersey.

But to the Swede’s disgust, Wenger then asked him to do a trial to prove skills.

“No way! Zlatan doesn’t do auditions!” said Ibrahimovic.

Had he not been so proud, though, Ibrahimovic could have won two Premier League titles at Arsenal. He may also have been a member of the famous 2003/04 unbeatables.

The now-AC Milan striker ended up at Ajax instead before eventually joining Manchester United in 2016 following spells in Italy, Spain and France.

He left Old Trafford in 2018 for LA Galaxy and returned to Milan in January.