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Traore is the “fastest” man in football

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One of Adama Traore’s former teammates insists the winger is the fastest man in football and everyone knows it.

Adam Traore was a product of Barcelona’s La Masia academy. However, he was eventually released and deemed inadequate for that level of football.

Today he finds himself being linked with the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool and Real Madrid.

However, before he began to return to the forefront of football he spent some time in the lower divisions of English football.

While at Middlesborough his teammate Cyrus Christie insists Traore would outrun everyone for fun without even giving his all.

Speaking to the Counter Attack podcast Christie believes his teammate was making mockery over everyone else competing in the training ground races.

He said:

“With Adama, there’s no competition. Everyone knows he’s the quickest man in football, 100 percent.”

“When I was at Middlesbrough we had to do this sprint test. I knew Adama was quick and I said: ‘Come on Adama, let’s sprint’.”

“I was going my hardest and he just drove past me. And he was laughing as well, it was demoralizing.”

“I didn’t see him sprint properly. I maybe saw him sprint properly once and that was when he ran the whole length of the pitch in less than 10 seconds.”

“He doesn’t run at full pace either! That’s just taking the p***!” 

Perhaps is what is even more amazing, is Traore’s ability to move at such high speed with the ball at his feet. This kind of ability has put him in the same bracket as some of the game’s most notable stars.