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Trent Alexander-Arnold can reach the skies of immortality

Trent Alexander-Arnold, LIverpool,
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Young Arnold is only at the beginning of his career and it is exciting to foretell what he can achieve by the end of his career.

Liverpool have one of the most exciting youngsters in their midst. While Jadon Sancho has been heralded as the next big thing, Trent Alexander-Arnold is proving at Anfield while he is the big thing.

At 21 years of age, the young defender has the world at his feet and rightly so. Arnold has pace, is sturdy in defense, and knows how to find his teammates. There is not much else you can ask from your young right-back.

But this is not all what Trend offers. While he does not allow anyone to let his pass him by, Arnold has the situational awareness that belies his age.

To surmise, the Liverpool born defender is a wall and ensures his flank is unbreachable. To top it off, he adds value with his forays in attack. And it has stayed like this for quite some time now.

Klopp in awe

Jurgen Klopp is in awe of his abilities. And he does not shy away from praising him.

“The games he played will make him better, the experience he had will make him better, his teammates will make him better,” the Liverpool head coach said while talking to reporters.

“Being around these boys made him better and will make him better. His game understanding will improve – it’s already really good but it will get better, that’s a natural thing. Apart from injuries, I can’t see anything that can stop him because his attitude and his private background is just so good. Passionate yes, very, but calm as well.”

“When you are a talented footballer and you have an outstanding attitude, if you love the game as much as he loves the game, and you have the background he has, then it’s pretty likely you will have a proper career.”

Klopp’s praise matters and Arnold deserves it. This will go a long way into helping him establish as a star of the future. Not that he isn’t one at the moment.

Trent Alexander-Arnold has already have a UEFA Champions League triumph to his name. And by the end of this season will most probably add the Premier League winners medal to his list of honors.

A feat even the great Steven Gerard failed to achieve in the Reds jersey. It is just the start of the youth academy graduate’s career and what a ride it has been.