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Trippier hits back at Atletico critics after Liverpool win

Kieran Trippier, Atletico Madrid
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Kieran Trippier has hit back at critics who criticized Atletico’s tactics after their win against Liverpool in the Champions League.

Trippier has defended his Atletico team after many hit out at their style of play after they knocked Liverpool out of the Champions League.

Simeone’s men secured a 4-2 aggregate win over holders Liverpool and many came out to say the Argentine had a boring style of play.

Speaking after the game, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp lamented the Spaniards’ defensive style, saying: “I don’t understand with the quality they have the football they play.”

Michael Owen also claimed Simeone was no ‘genius’ and Atletico didn’t play like modern football should be played.

In the wake of that, Trippier has now come out to defend Atletico, saying he doesn’t know what people expect of the club.

“If you go there and go toe-to-toe with Liverpool, you’re going to get beat 6-0. I don’t know what people expect,” Trippier told the Mirror as quoted by Evening Standard.

“You see pundits complaining because we did defend, but did they expect us to go there and play attacking football, especially with Liverpool playing the way that they’re playing at the moment? You need to go there with a plan and we did that.

Trippier went on to suggest that Atletico always knew Liverpool would get tired towards the end of the game.

“We knew they would blow up because of the amount of pressure they’d applied and the amount of energy they’d put into the game,” he added.

“We knew they’d slow down. It took us over 100 minutes, but we won 3-2.