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Trippier says why Spanish is important for him now

Kieran Trippier, Atletico Madrid, La Liga
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Kieran Trippier has been enjoying his time at Atletico Madrid in the Spanish La Liga tournament, but he believes is very important to learn the language.

During the summer, Kieran Trippier moved from Tottenham Hotspur to the Spanish La Liga side Atletico Madrid.

And he’s learning how to speak Spanish to be able to adapt sooner to his new team.

“There aren’t many English players in Spain,” he told Marca.

“The language can be difficult but it’s a challenge that I’ve accepted. To come here and to soak up the culture, the language is the main reason I came, so speaking Spanish is a priority for me.”

Trippier talked about his classes: “My Spanish isn’t as bad as when I arrived, but it’s difficult.”

“I have three classes a week and a teacher who comes to my house and gives me homework. I really enjoy it and want to learn as quickly as possible.”

“I push myself to learn it because I want to improve my communication with my teammates and get involved more, but I know it takes time,” he added.

“Well, they [the South Americans] speak very fast. But I understand the words I know [when they use them]. It’s important to come to a team with players from a lot of different countries; they help you.”

“With [Mauricio] Pochettino I worked very hard and it’s the same here. I’ve always watched [Atletico] in the Champions League and in LaLiga [Santander] and I knew how they worked. I was in good shape when I came, I wanted to work, learn and try my best and that’s all I can do,” he said.

“It’s all about training. As a player, you want to adapt as quickly as possible and I think I’ve done that. I follow the instructions of the coaching staff and give 100 percent in every training session and match. I like improving and I think I’m at the best team to get better.”