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Tuanzebe knows the Liverpool game is a “must-win” for United

Axel Tuanzebe, Manchester United, Premier League
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Red Devils defender Axel Tuanzebe believes the team needs a victory boost when they play against the Reds in two weeks in the Premier League.

Manchester United is currently sitting in the 12th position of the English Premier League table.

The Red Devils lost 1-0 on Sunday to Newcastle United and have not gotten a win in the last five games.

And for United defender Axel Tuanzebe the team needs an important win, like when they play against Liverpool in two weeks.

“It’s always a big game. Through my academy stages, Liverpool is a must-win,” Tuanzebe told MUTV.

“It’s a brutal game. It wasn’t a tippy-tappy game; no matter what age group.”

The defender added: “Obviously coming here to the first team, I expect more of the same. It will be a game where we need to grind it out and stick together and produce a result.”

“Now it’s just that tough phase. The next game we look forward to is Liverpool. [We] definitely want to get a result in that game.”

“You can see [against Newcastle] we shut them out for a long period of time,” the 21-year-old continued.

“The only way they were able to score was a counter when we weren’t really there. The goal, it is what it is: a 20-yard shot, it wasn’t like they played through us or anything like that.”