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Tuchel on that fateful night in Paris against United

Thomas Tuchel, PSG
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Thomas Tuchel talks about the night Manchester United derailed his season never mind one game.

The Champions League is the holy grail that has eluded PSG.

Especially since the Qatar Sports Investment takeover, it has become the quest of each and every man who has taken charge of the club.

Although the managers have dominated domestically, they have failed to fill that void in the trophy cabinet and it has ultimately cost them their job.

The 2018/19 season was supposed to be different.

The man in charge was Thomas Tuchel, a well-liked popular manager who was chosen to take them beyond the first knock out stage of the competition.

PSG qualified for the knock out stages, in what was deemed a group of death.

They overcame both Liverpool and Napoli. The draw was apparently kind, they were to face Group H runners-up Manchester United.

A team without a permanent manager at the time and a mere shadow of their once-dominant self.

In an interview with beIN, Tuchel talks about that fateful night and how it changed their season and worse still the Parsian public perception of him.

He said:

“This was our year, everyone was saying things are different this year.”

The first leg at Old Trafford saw a totally dominant performance from the French Champions.

Tuchel added:

“We were the first French side to go to Manchester United a win, it was different.”

“The players, the club, the city, the people, all said this is different if we progress we can go further.”

The return leg should have been a formality.

While Tuchel is adament his team prepared in the same way they would for any game, things simply did not go to plan.

United stole the show and what should have been a moment of history and a road to the promised land for PSG and Tuchel.

United scored an injury-time winner from the penalty spot to win 3-1 on the night and sent Tuchel and his men tumbling out of the Champions League once more.

Tuchel describes the moment as vivid and almost life-changing.

After the game the impact on him was immense.

He said:

“I was in a dark, dark place for three days.”

He really was not prepared for what happened, he was in a state of shock almost.

He added:

“It was like driving through a green light and being smashed into. We were like ‘What did we do wrong?'”

While he knows his team did something wrong, it was just impossible to comprehend.

This was infact a catalyst that saw their season unravel.

While they still won the Ligue 1 title, they lost to underdogs Rennes in the French Cup final.

But worse than that was the way public perception changed of both him and his team.

He continued:

“People said ‘oh he’s just the same, he’s no different to the others.’ and that ‘this year was no different to any other.'”

“My players were not immune from this(the comments), and it made hard to even finish the season.”

“The final against Rennes.”

He firmly believes that if his side can get through once, it will change things not only in that season bit for the future too.

He concluded:

“If we can get through once, maybe it will open a gate that is so big getting through will be easy from that point on.”

As Tuchel recalls the aftermath, you get the sense that this is a manager full submerged and committed to the cause of his team and feels the pain of every defeat.