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Tuchel – provocative Neymar can be tough to handle

neymar, thomas tuchel
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Thomas Tuchel admits that Neymar can be provocative and make managing him a very difficult job.

Neymar has been in the headlines a lot over the past 12 months.

The cup final loss, saw him clash with fans.

Then there was the allegation of rape, which was quashed a few months ago.

All summer was the transfer saga and his public declaration of his desire to leave Paris.

Then the very public fall out with the PSG fans, which saw fans chant abuse and hold up banners very much against him.

Now he is back in the fold, but has been inconsistent and hampered by injuries.

To make matters worse, he recently hopped on a flight to Spain to watch a tennis match instead of preparing for a Ligue 1 match.

All this has left manager Thomas Tuchel at his wit’s end, and concerned about the impact his antics have on the rest of the team.

So much so while speaking to France Info, he has publicly admitted how tough it is to handle Neymar.

He said:

“It’s not easy to manage him at all!”

“He has a big, big heart, but, unfortunately, he does not always show that he is a generous, reliable boy.”

“Sometimes it is provocative and it’s very bad because it’s not necessary.”

“Yes, yes, I tell him that. We laugh a lot together and I always try to tell the truth. He accepts it, but it’s difficult.”

“Ney is provocative when he feels that something is wrong, but he isn’t when he is calm.”

Is Thomas Tuchel hinting towards the idea that life might be better at PSG without Neymar?