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Twitter – Fans react to Sir Alex’s message to Klopp

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Jurgen Klopp decided that 3:30 am was the best time to personally announce to Sir Alex Ferguson his side were Premier League champions.

Sir Alex Ferguson may be long retired from football. However, there is no doubt as we see him on a regular basis in the stands at United, that he still has his finger on the pulse of the everyday goings-on in the game.

So the 78-year-old Scott was certainly well aware of Liverpool’s Premier League dominance and their official coronation as champions.

It would have almost certainly struck a nerve as the team who he so proudly “knocked off their perch” once again ascended to the top of English football after a 30-year hiatus.

However, even a hardened winner like Ferguson is gracious enough to acknowledge a great achievement. Even if Liverpool’s manager Jurgen Klopp decided to personally inform the old United boss of his achievement at 3:30 am.

Ferguson was speaking in reaction to Klopp’s crowning as manager of the season when he granted a pardon for the German tactician.

Despite all the rivalry and bitterness between the footballing greats, fans from across the great divide lined up to react to the legend’s true admiration.