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Tyler Adams wants to win it all!

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The RB Leipzig and United States midfielder want to establish himself in the German Bundesliga and then win it all.

20-year-old American midfielder Tyler Adams has big dreams.

The RB Leipzig and United States national team player hopes to win it all at club and international level.

“When people ask me what I dream of, I dream of winning championships,” Adams was quoted by the Bundesliga official website.

“I want to win the Bundesliga, I want to win the Champions League, I want to win the World Cup.”

Adams said this about incoming Leipzig head coach Julian Nagelsmann: He’s already watched me and told me that he is happy to train me.”

“We talked about the future, and it’s going to be incredibly exciting to be coached by a great coach like him soon.”

“It’s definitely exciting to have a coach that’s coming in that already has faith in you and has watched you,” he added.

“He plays a unique style of play. His attention to detail and how he focuses on each individual player on the pitch and the role that they’re going to play is unlike many coaches in the world.”

Adams concluded: “There’s a lot we have to improve on, there are ways we can develop as players and as a team.”

“But I think having a coach like him here will make a huge impact on the team.”