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UEFA chief responds to VAR criticism

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UEFA’s chief refereeing officer Roberto Rosetti has pinpointed the importance of accuracy over speed when making decisions.

Schalke 04 benefited from two VAR reviews that both led to penalties during Wednesday’s Champions League 3-2 loss to Man City.

The incident was marred by technical issue experienced by the VAR technical supplier which delayed replay images to the pitch-side referee review area.

Commenting on these two decisions, Rosetti told Sky: “I am pleased that even without the possibility for the referee to review the incidents with his own eyes, the excellent cooperation of the team of officials led to correct decisions being made.

“It must also be underlined that – and as is described in the VAR protocol – accuracy is always in principle more important than speed when reaching a decision.

“Clearly, last night’s technical issues had a big impact on the time taken to reach decisions, but we are fully aware that reducing the time factor is key to the success of VAR and we are doing our utmost to make reviews as quick and efficient as possible.

“However, what we ultimately want is correct decisions in such match-changing situations and this is what we got yesterday.”

Atletico Madrid’s president Enrique Cerezo questioned the use of VAR after Alvaro Morata’s goal was chalked off for a slight push on Chiellini.