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UEFA president Ceferin ready to take the fight to racism

Aleksander Ceferin, UEFA
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UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin is ready to face the fight against racism head-on and is determined to win.

Racism appears to have reared its ugly head more than usual so far this season.

From social media abuse aimed at the likes of Tammy Abraham, Marcus Rashford, Paul Pogba and Raheem Sterling in England.

To Romelu Lukaku and Mario Balotelli hearing the disgusting monkey noises in Italy.

Then Shakhtar Donetsk’s Taison pushed to the point of emotional explosion in Ukraine.

Of course recently in Holland Ahmad Mendes was taunted too.

This is only domestic football, you have the international stage too, there was the England game being temporarily suspended.

The list goes on.

Speaking to Mirror he expresses his disgust and acknowledges the magnitude of the problem, is worse than UEFA ever anticipated.

He said:

“Every bloody week we hear about some s*** happening around Europe. And we speak.”

“We are trying and we care. We are not just some guys in Nyon sitting eating fancy food and driving Ferraris.”

“We are ready to listen to criticism.”

The issue is that the problem appears to be growing.

He added:

“Every week there is something – not just since Bulgaria, not since England, not since Cagliari. We’ve been listening.”

“The situation in Europe is more and tenser and the situation outside of Europe as well.”

The solution is a difficult one and Ceferin does not have an ideal solution right now.

But he’s working on it.

However, he does not want to simply scrap games in certain places because of a minority.

He concluded:

“So what do you do? Listen and say: ‘The match is over, we don’t play in that country anymore? You don’t solve problems like that.”