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UEFA sends out Champions League warning

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UEFA has warned football fans attending the Champions League final in Madrid from buying counterfeit tickets at exorbitant prices

UEFA has already started its investigations on possible counterfeit tickets that have been making rounds of Europe. This news comes ahead of the Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham on Saturday.  

The governing body has been making a number of arrests in order to stem the sale of fake tickets. Moreover, legal proceedings have already been opened up against unauthorized sellers.

It has been observed that many individuals are selling the final tickets for astronomical prices.

It has now come up with a statement ahead of the final at the Wanda Metropolitan.

“UEFA encourages fans not to be fooled by sellers who demand exorbitant prices of tickets they don’t even have possession of,” a statement at UEFA.com said.

“All tickets to the UEFA Champions League Final 2019 are issued by UEFA and are subject to strict terms and conditions which prevent their unauthorized resale and transfer. Ticket sales to the general public were carried out exclusively by UEFA and as such, any tickets which are offered for sale by third parties (including on social media, marketplaces and secondary ticketing platforms) are advertised in breach of the ticket terms and conditions.”

“UEFA actively enforces its ticket terms and conditions, including monitoring the internet for unauthorized offers. UEFA has taken action (including cancelling tickets) where such unauthorized offers were identified and has taken legal proceedings against unauthorized sellers.”

The news of tickets being sold in the black market is definitely going to harm the governing body’s reputation. The Europa League final that took place in Baku has already been criticized. Many people called for the final to be moved elsewhere.

UEFA has also opened an investigation into claims that officials at the Baku’s Olympic Stadium opened the turnstiles when it was observed that there were a lot of empty seats.