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Uganda FA boss wants more representation at the AFCON

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According to Moses Magogo, the Central and East African nations can take more spots in the next Africa Cup of Nations.

The Africa Cup of Nations was expanded this year from 16 to 24 teams.

This meant more spots for countries that might never qualify otherwise to the continental tournament.

But today, the Federation of Uganda Football Association president, Moses Magogo, has called the Council of East and Central Africa Football Association (CECAFA) to aim for more spots for the next AFCON.

“I was on record saying the more countries we take to Afcon with the expanded version will be better for the region,” Magogo told Goal.

“I am excited we had four countries in Egypt and maybe we can have more, I still believe Rwanda and Ethiopia have the ability to qualify, we can have like seven teams at AFCON.”

“There is a lot you learn at Afcon which you can bring back, the countries which were going there after a long time, like Burundi, Kenya, and Tanzania, you will see the difference in terms of preparations at the big stage, we believe if they can go back again, they will be able to catch up with the West Africans,” he added.

“When I saw Kenya versus Tanzania at Afcon it was a dream come true for me because the two teams have been playing together in different arenas but this was a big occasion for the two nations.”

He explained: “As much as we have many challenges in CECAFA, I have a strong belief we can overcome the same if we work as a team, it is very possible to shine.”

“At the moment there is no big difference between big nations and small nations especially in the qualifiers and every nation should know there is nothing like a small and big team, the gap between football nations as reduced and any team can beat any.”