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Unhappy Lyon set to appeal Ligue 1 decision

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French side Lyon is set to launch an appeal against the French Football Federation’s decision to call an end to the incomplete Ligue 1 season.

Today French Football called a halt to the 2019/20 season and Lyon are not happy about it.

Ligue 1 declared PSG the league Champions and set the club positions for next season European competition qualifiers.

Lyon who was 7th in the league when the shut down began, have been officially declared in such a position as the season has been subsequently abandoned.

This will be the first time since 1997 that they have failed to qualify for Europe, and they are not happy.

The club has since released a statement confirming their intention to appeal what they feel was a hasty and unfair decision.

The statement read:

“Olympique Lyonnais proposed as early as Tuesday that the League study an alternative solution which would allow the Championship to be ended.”

“Thus preserve the fairness inherent in any sporting competition, and to be in line with UEFA’s proposals based on sporting merit.”

“Given the judgment of the French Ligue 1 Championship, decreed today by the League, Olympique Lyonnais reserves the right to appeal against this decision and claim damages.”

“In particular under the loss of chance and in light of the jurisprudence of other professional sports which are currently in progress, since the damage for the club amounts to several tens of millions of euros.”

It appears to be a trend of unhappiness with decisions to call a premature end to football seasons. Similar action has been threatened in Holland by those denied European competition as well as those who missed out on promotion.