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United is short of midfielders says Giggs

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Manchester United’s record appearance-maker Ryan Giggs believes the team doesn’t have the power in the midfielder it should.

The 2019-2020 English Premier League season has started, and for Manchester United, it might mean the team will quickly show what it lacks

At least, this is what Ryan Giggs believes.

“I think we need a couple more midfielders,” Giggs told ESPN FC.

“If Paul Pogba goes — we talk about culture change — but obviously you need quality.”

He explained: “You might not like it but come Sunday if Paul Pogba isn’t in that midfield or the week after, and we’ve got the midfielders that we’ve got at our club, then we’re short. That’s the problem.”

“I think there are three or four players at Old Trafford who have higher levels of quality that in a perfect world, Ole would probably like them all out at once.”

“But actually, if they left it would weaken the team that badly it’d mean that they wouldn’t challenge for the Champions League,” he added.

“I think what Ole has to do is to get rid of one at a time. I think it’s a clever transition out of what has been a poor transfer strategy for the last four or five years.”

“You can’t get out of it in one year, it’s going to take two or three years of good culture and tone, in terms of what they’re doing, to get out of what they’ve done,” he commented.

“You can’t lose Lukaku, Pogba, [Anthony] Martial all in one — you’d be absolutely decimated.”