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United made a mistake to pay so much for Maguire

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Paul Parker thinks Manchester United made a multi-million-pound mistake paying so much for overvalued Harry Maguire.

Former United right-back Paul Parker believes United folded under pressure and made erroneous defensive decisions.

Parker is of the opinion that the club was still living under the shadow of Jose Mourinho’s complaints about defensive weakness.

So much so they offloaded Chris Smalling in error. Then were convinced 80 million pounds was a good deal for Maguire.

Speaking with Bonuscodebets.co.uk, Parker feels England international Maguire has failed to live up to his hefty price tag.

He said:

“He has done okay.”

“He has not stood out for me and for the money that United paid for him, he has not earned that.”

“I don’t think they needed to spend that money on Maguire.”

“They got pressured into getting him from the previous manager [Jose Mourinho] when they did not need to spend that type of money.”

Parker is convinced they should have held on to Smalling, who has shone in Rome.

He added:

“United were also pressured into getting rid of Chris Smalling.”

“This has now been deemed as a mistake considering how well he is doing at Roma.”

Maguire’s trasnfer to United is a world record for a dfender, how does he compare to some of the other top price defenders?