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United’s Andreas Pereira shows off iPhone worth €5875 with ‘tiki-taka legend’ engraved on it

andreas pereira
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Andreas Pereira might not be the best on the pitch but off it, he’s surely living the life and living lavish.

Pereira gets slated by many United fans every gameweek but still he takes home his thousands of pounds per week.

Footballers in general are among the most lavish spenders and it’s not surprising to see them get custom made items.

The likes of Aubameyang and Cristiano Ronaldo have a preference for sport cars and for some, it is tech gadgets they fancy.

Pereira looks to be joining that list, according to the post on his Instagram account.

The Manchester United midfielder showed off his new limited edition iPhone, worth €5875.

“Ready for business with my own 1 of 1 edition 24k gold & white iPhone 11 Pro,” he wrote on Instagram, with a picture of the blinged-up phone. 

To think that’s not enough, the Brazilian has the words “tiki-taka legend” engraved just at the back of his Iphone.

Surely, Brazilians have a thing for exotic stuff. Regards from Neymar.

We don’t know who Pereira might be referring to as “tiki-taka legend” but we can all agree he doesn’t have those attributes.