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Update on Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Carrington training ground

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As the weekend nears in English football, we finally have an update on when Cristiano Ronaldo will make his triumphant return to Carrington. 

Cristiano Ronaldo must be buzzing over his imminent return to Carrington training grounds later this week. The last time he was part of the Manchester United squad training there was way back in 2009 before joining Real Madrid. There were many great moments captured on video and stills from Ronaldo’s time there. This time around though, he won’t be observed by Sir Alex Ferguson but he expects a similar atmosphere. Ronaldo returns as an even bigger legend than back when he left.

For Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, having one of the most important footballers in history will be massive for the younger generations. They will get to see him work firsthand on a daily basis and get all the pointers they can from him. After playing only one match for Portugal during the international break, a suspension forced him to leave the camp. Upon return to England, Ronaldo was spotted enjoying the countryside with his family and simply wait for his return to Carrington. 

When will Ronaldo return to practice?

Manchester United gave Cristiano Ronaldo a few more days to rest and also get properly accommodated with his family. After finishing all of this pending work, he is expected to return to Carrington on Wednesday. For Cristiano, the excitement keeps piling up as he goes into the weekend with big chances of making his debut at Old Trafford. The entire Manchester United fan base is already waiting for him in order to welcome him with chants and massive standing ovation.

Every time he returns to that stadium, Ronaldo gets all the praise a legend like him deserves. But we have to think that returning to Carrington is possibly just as exciting for him as it will be returning to Old Trafford. So many memories will come back to him as soon as he steps on that pitch. We’ll obviously try to enjoy Ronaldo’s return and give you a play-by-play of the historic moment.