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Usain Bolt’s surprising revelation about Cristiano Ronaldo

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As part of a recent interview, Usain Bolt made a surprising revelation about Cristiano Ronaldo’s impressive speed and athletic abilities. 

Very few would think Cristiano Ronaldo can beat Usain Bolt in a 100-meter race, but the Jamaican legend thinks otherwise. You are reading this correctly, the fastest man in history is convinced Cristiano would defeat him right now. The reason behind this notion is quite simple as Bolt has been retired for a few years.

It’s pretty obvious that Ronaldo wouldn’t stand a chance if the sprinter was in his prime. However, today’s contest would be on the Portuguese forward’s side without question. When asked about the possibility, the Olympic Gold Medalist was clear when he told Marca about the chance to race Ronaldo.

During this interview, the athlete also revealed the secret behind success in sports and confirmed his life-long wish to play in the Premier League. To those who forgot, Usain Bolt is a footballer who was born inside an athlete’s body. 

Bolt has no doubts about Ronaldo’s speed right now. 

As a way to praise his good friend, Bolt described the reason he would lose a race against Cristiano Ronaldo right now. 

Bolt said the following via the Olympic Channel: “Who is faster? Cristiano Ronaldo, I have no doubts about that. He is still active, he works hard, and I consider him a super athlete. He’s always been at the very top of his sport. Trying to be the fastest man in the world is what motivated me to continue.

“People need to see what I went through and understand it wasn’t easy. It was a proper challenge. I believe I would’ve been a good football player in Europe if I hadn’t been an athlete. But Australia was just an adventure as I wanted to be away from the spotlight.”