Valdano breaks down the talents of Vinicius and Dembele

In a column for El Pais, Argentine Jorge Valdano broke down the specific talents that Vinicius Junior and Ousmane Dembele have today.

Before the current season started for an observer like Jorge Valdano, perhaps Ousmane Dembele and Vinicius Junior were a complete riddle that he couldn’t wait to uncover.

The Argentine former player has been a football poet for the better part of his retired years, he writes an occasional column for El Pais where he breaks down a topic in his famous lyrical manner.

One of the things Valdano does best is spotting young talent, we remember the time when he wrote that Cristiano Ronaldo would be one of the best players in football history back when he was still a teenager at Manchester United.

We also recall the many times the Argentine spoke about a very young Messi when he was still playing the under-20 World Cup for Argentina and how much he reminded him of Diego Maradona.

All those premonitions have come to pass, which is why we get excited every time he talks about young talents in one of his columns.

This time around, Jorge broke down the specific talents that Ousmane Dembele and Vinicius Junior have for Barcelona and Real Madrid, respectively.

Valdano started with Dembele by calling him a “classic crazy man”, the type of player who loves letting his imagination loose inside the pitch.

“Dembele is like a gazelle with a lot of imagination with the ball at his feet,” wrote Valdano.

“He owes that elegant sprint to the colossal coordination that allows him to conduct the ball at the exact distance from any of his both feet, showing the ball to the rival without exposing it too much, like a short-stringed yo-yo, that may very well be the laces from his boots.”

“With unmatched speed when anybody comes after him and filled with tricks if anybody tries to block his way.”

“For example, when he makes a full stop, which in football translated into one of the most eccentric manners that speed has to win any race.”

“Or those dribbles, corporeal lies that help him continue his escape from rivals.”

“This player can relate perfectly with his rivals’ proximity (as if they weren’t even a threat to him), and his teammates are stations he uses on his way to the opposite goal as he plays the one-two with each of them as a form of dialogue.”

“This is another testament that these new stars are, as always, a little crazy without the need of not remaining classic,” he added.

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Valdano then talks about Vinicius as the glue that has put Real Madrid back together, the team’s leader in the most recent matches.

“And Vinicius, who is three years younger, is an unfinished Dembele. An impetuous pure breed who still hasn’t been tamed,” continued Jorge.

“Perhaps due to his youth, and a little bit due to his desire to expose his talents because he just arrived.”

“And finally, for a healthy competitive spirit, he still hasn’t found the pause that helps him modulate his spectacular power and helps organize his multiple talents.”

“Always in a hurry. You can tell when he chooses to take his shots, that come out twisted because he still hasn’t discovered that one can even be precise at top speed.”

“But we are still talking about an 18-year old kid who already found a starring role at Real Madrid, and he just keeps playing these matches with his optimistic style of play that makes the fans dream of better days with his presence alone.”

“Vinicius is the most recent proof that great players can become addictive. One simply wishes that they simply get the ball,” he concluded.

Do you agree with Valdano’s analysis of Vinicius Junior and Ousmane Dembele? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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