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Valdano hails Sergio Ramos’ gangster-like leadership

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Former Real Madrid player Jorge Valdano wrote a new column in which he described the type of leadership that Sergio Ramos has.

It’s not everyday that you find a true leader like Sergio Ramos, one of those old school players who have the courage of carrying the team all by themselves and there is no one better than Jorge Valdano to describe him.

Apart from his already familiar lyrical style of writing for his column in El Pais, Valdano also played alongside one of the biggest football leaders of all time: Daniel Passarella.

The Argentine World Cup champion defender had a very gangster demeanor about him alongside his teammates, he also was one of the biggest motivators to all his teammates when it came to proving anything inside the field.

Sergio Ramos seems to transcend that for Valdano, because the Spaniard also plays a very important role outside of the field that instantly makes him the absolute boss of Real Madrid and has been that way since Iker Casillas left.

Not even Cristiano Ronaldo during his time at the club, inspired the same type of respect combined with fear that Sergio does till this day.


Valdano ought to know, he comes from a country were swagger is one of the main condiments for any man that was born in Argentina. A place where Tango was born, which is the epitome of cool in all of South America.

Sergio’s personality and the way that he conducts himself, reminds Valdano of the greatest leaders he’s ever seen in any squad.

This column came during an especially complicated week for Sergio, one in which he’s been constantly criticized for several different reasons that involve his behavior and to which he responded in the most boss possible manner.

When the press started making a campaign about his alleged violence towards other players, he responded by scoring Panenka-style penalties and proving that any criticism doesn’t really work on his strong-minded personality.

All the Real Madrid fans expect Sergio to remain as the club captain for many years to come, he is the personification of what a Madridista should be in their view.

“I was a player and was in Bogota focused to play for the Argentina National Team,” wrote Jorge Valdano on his column.

“I was in the lobby talking very lively with a friend and suddenly he went silent, he set his sight straight to the staircase. ‘Look at Daniel,’ he told me, ‘nobody goes down the stairs as he does’.”

“He was the captain of the very first Argentina National Team World Cup Champions, Daniel Passarella exuded a gangster-like demeanor.”

“There are very few players of that species, none like Sergio Ramos though. The great leaders have a sense of self-confidence that I somehow feel foreign to me, a way in which their mind sends messages to their bodies.”

“Every time Sergio goes into the locker room, it’s as if Real Madrid belonged to him; every time he steps on the pitch, it’s as if he had invented football all by himself.”

“The club sometimes accuses him of being too bossy and the rivals accuse him of being violent towards them. But when the normal players hide, he defies the entire world with a Panenka-style penalty.”

“That is one of his many ways to tell us all that he is a true leader, that remote ideal that exists to almost everybody as a mythological beast, yet it does exist to some people,” he concluded.

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