Opinion: Valdano is right about Zidane and Real Madrid

During a Sports Journalism summit in Spain, Jorge Valdano spoke wonders about Zinedine Zidane and how grateful Real Madrid should be with him.

We recently wrote about Zinedine Zidane’s return to Real Madrid not being a bad decision for him, Jorge Valdano seems to agree with us on this.

The Argentine football philosopher who has a past as Los Blancos’ manager, spoke in public about the heroic act of Zinedine Zidane returning to the club.

Valdano agrees with us that Zidane didn’t really have the need to make a comeback, but the manager is deeply in love with the Spanish club and he simply couldn’t say no to them.

Valdano analyzed the club’s current status and what they need to do in order to return to their recent glory days.

The most compelling argument that Jorge Valdano had during his speech about Real Madrid, was that Florentino Perez should be eternally grateful for what ‘Zizou’ has done with the club.

If it hadn’t been for those titles that he won, the chairman would’ve lost his presidency long ago.

Valdano was a bit poetic and flamboyant as usual when he referred to the debt that Real Madrid has with Zidane, but he does have a good point about Florentino showing some respect for the manager.

There have been reports about ‘Zizou’ and Perez disagreeing on several topics during this second spell for the Frenchman.

Valdano expressed his concern about Real Madrid’s latest season and he also spoke about the massive influence that Zinedine Zidane most have in the club in order to make it work like a machine again.

“The image of everyone [at Madrid] has been weakened,” Valdano said at the International Association of Sports Journalists in Spain (ISMAS) via Marca.

“But from my point of view, returning to the club was almost an act of heroism from Zidane.”

“He deserves a statue here in the corner of the Santiago Bernabeu, where they are going to demolish the shopping centre, and another in Florentino Perez’s garden.”

“The team needs an impact [with signings] and the club need to be far more active in the transfer market than they have been in recent seasons,” he added.

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“There is work that is overdue and they now need to catch up with five or six big names.”

“When someone buys a footballer, they buy the footballer and his stats,” said Valdano.

“Pogba has [the ability to score and create] goals. In the build-up play, he is a player who does not contribute too much, though in Manchester. In Madrid, if Zidane is interested in him, surely he will have the role of a conductor [dictating the play and dominating matches with the ball].”

Florentino remains as Zinedine Zidane’s biggest obstacle.

The French manager is still very motivated to keep working on this new project, his disagreements with Florentino Perez don’t matter right now.

The problems will start to present themselves at the start of next season, right when Florentino Perez starts saying no to more specific requests from Zidane.

The coach already lost the battle with the chairman over Keylor Navas, but there are many more disputes going on between the two of them.

Florentino’s new transfer policy of not signing players who are too expensive unless they are really worth the effort could clash with Zidane’s requests.

The president needs to understand that all the clubs in the world are willing to negotiate with Los Blancos, but they know they are dealing with the wealthiest club in the world.

This is how things work for giant clubs such as Real Madrid, all the clubs will feel the urge to get as much money from them as they possibly can.

The sooner Florentino understands this, the easier his relationship with Zidane will be.

What do you think about Jorge Valdano’s claim about Florentino Perez owing a great deal to Zinedine Zidane? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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