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Valderrama advises James Rodriguez to leave Real Madrid

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During a radio show from Colombia, legendary Carlos Valderrama gave compatriot James Rodriguez great advice about his future.

By this point, Colombian James Rodriguez is even taking advice from compatriot Carlos Valderrama about his future.

The former player is arguably considered one of the best footballers that his country has ever produced, he is the perfect person to give James some advice.

If to that you add the fact that he was also a rejected player when he played in Europe, then you get possibly the best person to suggest James what to do with his future.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realize that the only person who doesn’t want James at Real Madrid, is manager Zinedine Zidane.

The two of them have never gotten along for some strange reason we can’t explain, ‘Zizou’ apparently has a problem with players who performed in his position.

There was a moment in which the player believed that staying with Los Blancos would be a good idea, this happened right after Marco Asensio suffered a season-ending injury a few weeks back.

However, the latest developments suggest that SSC Napoli is not giving up on James’s transfer and they are doing everything they can to sign him this summer.

The player is still keen on leaving Los Blancos, but he needed one more push to possibly make his final decision.

James obviously regards Valderrama as an idol, the Real Madrid star grew up watching him play when he was a child.

‘Pibe’ wanted to give James a message, he did it through a radio show from which Diario AS picked up his stern warning.

“I will give you a piece of advice my friend. Go play for another club because the manager doesn’t want you there,” Carlos told James.

“When you are not wanted by the manager with the quality you have, you must find a new team where you can play.”

“Because if you decide to stay there, you are not going to play. You simply can’t lose another year with the quality you have, you need to make a decision and leave.”

“Tell the president to sell you because you won’t play a single minute if you stay there. Everything is quite clear where you are right now.”

“You came to practice and the fans celebrated you, the president celebrates you, your teammates celebrate you, but the manager still doesn’t want you in his squad.”

“I am telling you this out of my own personal experience. You have to search for a new club, it’s better for you to leave.”

“The manager is the one who makes the lineups. If you want to keep playing football at the highest level, please leave.”

“You need to play football, you can play in any club you like with the quality you have. You can play in some of the best clubs in the world right now,” he concluded.

James still has Atletico Madrid as an option too.

Apart from Napoli, the Colombian playmaker still has Atletico Madrid as a very real option.

The Colchoneros just revealed that their summer transfer window is not closed yet, they are waiting until the final days to see if another player becomes available for a suitable price.

Essentially, they are currently waiting for SSC Napoli to desist from signing James or Real Madrid to completely close the door on them.

The Italian club still refuses to completely buy the player, which is not what Florentino Perez wants if he allows James to leave.

Atletico Madrid still has good money in the bank available to pay for Rodriguez, but they won’t offer more than what he is worth.

It is well-known that Diego Simeone is completely keen on bringing this player to the Colchoneros, he would complete one of the most competitive squads that ‘Cholo’ has ever coached in his career.

We still have no idea where James will play next season, but this advice from Carlos Valderrama will certainly not go unnoticed.

If there is someone who can get through to James, that is one of his childhood idols for sure.

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