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Valencia boss doesn’t want his team to take win for granted

VILLAREAL, SPAIN - APRIL 11: Santiago Caseres of Villarreal CF competes for the ball with Daniel Parejo of Valencia CF during the UEFA Europa League Quarter Final First Leg match between Villarreal and Valencia at Estadio de la Ceramica on April 11, 2019 in Villareal, Spain. (Photo by Fotopress/Getty Images)
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Valencia leads Villarreal 3-1 in the UEFA Europa League Quarterfinals, but this doesn’t mean the job is done.

Valencia defeated Villarreal 3-1 last week in the UEFA Europa League Quarterfinal.

And now they are set to play in the second leg tomorrow night, in a series Valencia boss Marcelino insists is not over.

“We can not trust, we want to win, it’s the best way to avoid any surprise. We want the players to enjoy the game and work with ambition and maximum enthusiasm,” he was quoted by Four Four Two.

“We cannot be with the idea of ​​letting the minutes pass because the result is worth it, that is not the right mentality, we must avoid that situation.”

“Winning gives us confidence and winning increases your expectations regarding everything,” he added.

“We will continue making changes, we can not play all the games that are left. We trust in the entire squad and the players support us with their performances.”

The coach explained: “We will try to use everyone, knowing that we must give the maximum performance to achieve the objectives.”