Valencia shocks FC Barcelona in the Copa del Rey final

With goals from Gameiro and Rodrigo during the first half, Valencia CF shocked FC Barcelona in the Copa del Rey final played in Sevilla.

It’s official, FC Barcelona completed a disastrous season after tonight’s shocking Copa del Rey final defeat against Valencia.

The ‘Che’ squad delivered a mesmerizing performance that granted them control of the game since the first half, the Catalan club wasn’t able to recover in due time.

The Blaugrana seemed quite affected by the painful defeat at Anfield Road weeks ago, they didn’t have enough time to recover for this final and Valencia was in great form.

This whole process has been incredibly unexpected from Barcelona.

This is a squad that started the season as one of the strongest in the continent and had everybody convinced that they were the top title contenders in every competition.

All the supporters from this club kept talking about a Treble throughout the season, a word that has been abused too much lately in England and Spain.

Barcelona already lost the chance to win it after getting that defeat against Liverpool, but they were in for an even bigger surprise tonight.

Manager Marcelino had a clear picture of what he wanted his players to do during the first half, he needed a simple type of football in order to score goals.

A major factor that the ‘Che’ squad needed to exploit was that psychological aspect that affected Barcelona in recent days, this was key for Valencia’s success.

Marcelino ordered his players to mark Messi with up to five men during the whole game, this worked perfectly because Leo barely kept the ball for extended periods during the first half.

The first goal came after the 20th minute of the match, Brazilian Gabriel Paulista set Gaya up with a long ball.

Gameiro was marauding in the outskirts of the box and received an assist from the Spanish left-back, the French forward finished with a potent strike into the top corner.

Valencia was starting to shock the Catalan club early in the first half, but they were still in for another goal before the break.

This depressed Barcelona saw the minutes going by and Valencia getting more dominant as things progressed.

Rodrigo managed to score the second goal with a header after a precise cross from Soler, the second goal came before the break and manager Ernesto Valverde had no idea how to change the outcome.

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The Txingurri manager made two terrible mistakes for this match, he played two players who were coming from an injury from the start of the game.

As soon as Valverde realized that either Semedo or Arthur were up to the challenge, he replaced them for Malcom and Arturo Vidal.

These substitutions helped FC Barcelona improve their game, they were much more offensive during the second half.

Valencia saw how the Catalan club attempted to equalize the match and they only needed to defend well enough for the final half of the match.

Lionel Messi had several opportunities to score but either the posts or the defense prevented him from doing so.

The ‘Che’ squad seemed to hold the line for the better part of the second half, but Messi managed to pull one back for Barcelona with 20 minutes left on the clock.

The final 15 were quite dramatic on both sides, Messi alone proved to be insufficient for the Catalan club.

Valencia actually had the chance to score two goals during the final minutes through Gonçalo Guedes, but the Portuguese forward missed two opportunities that he could’ve regretted for the rest of his life.

In the end, Valencia held the result and Barcelona finished the season on a very negative note.

This new defeat could bring some important modifications in the squad for next season.

How would you describe FC Barcelona’s overall season? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.



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