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Manu Vallejo: Spain’s favorite overnight success story

Manu Vallejo: Spain's favorite overnight success story
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With his up and coming move to Valencia, Manu Vallejo went into details on how his professional career changed overnight, and what all of it means to him.   

Manu Vallejo has plenty of reasons to celebrate. The renowned U21 player, who aided his team in reaching the semi-finals in the European Under-21 Championship is now looking at a bright career ahead.

Take it all back a year, and Vallejo had been playing for Cadiz B, showing incredible all-season performance. Of course, this naturally led him to even bigger signings, or in this case, Valencia.

“I never imagined this year would go like this,” Vallejo said.

“When I’m training I don’t really think about what I’m doing, but now on reflection, I’m doubly proud of this year.”

Manu Vallejo: Spain's favorite overnight success story
BOLOGNA, ITALY – JUNE 16: A general view during the 2019 UEFA U-21 Group A match between Italy and Spain at Renato Dall’Ara on June 16, 2019, in Bologna, Italy. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)

As for his national appearances, the aforementioned competition was the first time Vallejo got to demonstrate his skills. And he did it to perfection!

“I’m very happy, not only to make my debut but with how things panned out,” he said.

“I will never forget it,” he told Radio Marca.

Having in mind the current results, Spain has already qualified for the Olympic Games, due next year in Tokyo.

“We’re very happy to have achieved the objective of qualifying for the Olympic Games,” Vallejo said.

“We’re looking forward to facing what lies ahead, which is going to be amazing.”

Vallejo still has a Thursday game to prepare for, still certain he will bring his ‘A’ game to the table. Still, to Vallejo, no one at this stage of the competition is to be underestimated.

“There are no easy opponents at a European Championship. The team we will face in the semi-finals will make it difficult for us,” he finished.