After the victory against Alaves on Tuesday, Barcelona manager Ernesto Valverde expects no help from Atletico Madrid on Wednesday.

Barcelona manager Ernesto Valverde knows that their victory against Alaves left the club within 3 points from La Liga title.

Winning the domestic competition next weekend would be the ideal scenario for the Catalan club in their search for their third Treble in history.

The Blaugrana have a massive test to pass next week against Liverpool in the Champions League and they need all the help they can get.

Jurgen Klopp’s side is virtually the only other squad that has a chance to defeat the powerful FC Barcelona in the continental competition.

Certainly getting more help to rest the players could come in handy for Valverde’s team, they can get an even greater push on Wednesday from Atletico Madrid.

The Colchoneros are set to play against Valencia at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium.

The Ches are searching for an opening to possibly find that Top Four spot they need in order to play the Champions League next season.

Valencia and Getafe are the two teams that are currently trying to finish the season in fourth place.

This leaves Atletico Madrid with one of the most complicated matches of the season for them.

It also means that Barcelona could win La Liga later today if the Colchoneros lose the match.

The road ahead for Barcelona

The Catalan club only needs three points of advantage to win the competition and Atletico Madrid could give it to them.

Mathematics can give Barcelona the domestic title on two different occasions before they have to play Levante on Saturday.

The first one as we mentioned, is the possibly defeat against Valencia later today.

However, Atletico Madrid plays against Real Valladolid on Saturday a few hours before Barcelona play vs Levante.

The most ideal scenario for the Catalan club would be to rest all the best players for Saturday in order to get them all fresh for Liverpool.

But that only happens of Atletico lose one of the next two matches they have to play before the next match at Camp Nou.

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We even dare say that manager Ernesto Valverde would play his best men if Atletico beat Valencia today regardless of the Colchoneros’ result in Saturday vs Valladolid.

The Spanish manager obviously prefers to win La Liga without playing but he won’t make a fool of himself ahead of time and risk anything by speculating on any result.

Regardless of what happens, it appears that Barcelona will be La Liga’s new champion on Saturday. The Blaugrana are about to take the first step towards a possible new treble.

Ernesto Valverde was very satisfied with the way his squad played against Alaves on Tuesday and for the win.

He seemed especially glad for Carles Aleña’s goal during the second half and explained why he also used Messi with 30 minutes still left on the clock.

But the most obvious question the manager was going to get, is the chance they have of Atletico Madrid giving them the title.

“Atletico is a competitor that shows every day how they do it. We’ll see. I do not see Atletico relaxing,” said Valverde via Four Four Two.

“We count on that we will need the three points (at home to Levante). We are at the peak of the season and the victory (over Alaves) is worth its weight in gold.”

“There have been changes and the team has been good, we have achieved three points that put us very close to the title.”

“We’ve been fighting for that for many months. We are nearing the end. It’s a great joy to be in this situation.”

“The idea was to play Messi came because the result was not clear,” Valverde added.

“Leo has many individual challenges ahead but today it was convenient to rest but it is better to keep the players active than to put them in an urn.”

Do you think Barcelona will win La Liga today or Saturday? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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