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Van Basten apologizes for his poor choice of Nazi humor

marco van basten
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Holland and AC Milan legend Marco van Basten has apologized for his poor choice of words using a Nazi salute in an attempt at a humorous moment on live TV.

Marco van Basten is a legend of world football, having succeed both on an of the field domestically and internationally. However, he is now making the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The former manager and player, was at the center of a racism storm after an extremely poor choice of words, when he attempted to crack a funny on live TV.

A presenter for Fox Sports in Holland Hans Kraay conducted an interview with Heracles coach Frank Wormuth in German.

Unfortunately, while the effort was noble, the Dutch presenter German was rather poor.

Van Basten who was a co-presenter on the show decided to have a little fun at his colleague’s expense, but apparently his choice of German words was even worse than Krays.

Van Basten spouted:

“Sieg heil, not so beautiful, pancake.”

The term “Sieg heil” is synonymous with Nazi Germany and has brought about wide condemnation of the legend.

This has led to Van Basten issuing an apology and a guarantee that a racist insinuation from his choice of words was the last thing on his mind.

He said:

“I didn’t mean to shock people, I just wanted to ridicule Hans’ German, but I’m sorry.”