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Van de Donk is still proud of the Netherlands

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The Arsenal and Oranje midfielder believes their run to the Final match of the FIFA Women’s World Cup was a good one.

The Netherlands failed to stop the United States from becoming fourth-time FIFA Women’s World Cup champions, as they were defeated 2-0 today in France.

But for Arsenal and Oranje international midfielder Danielle van de Donk, what his team did is to be proud of.

“The growth (of women’s football in the Netherlands) is ridiculous,” said Van de Donk to FIFA.

“If I look at women’s football and the hype, it’s amazing. I think that’s what I’m most proud of, that we got so much respect from the Netherlands.”

“I closed myself from everything, I’m not on social media,” Van de Donk said.

“Maybe it’s a different story for other people, I am choosing not to know. But I hear my parents and they say the whole of the Netherlands is proud.”

“We have to do the job; we have to get to the finals and win prizes and medals, and that’s what we do,” she added.

“But I’m proud of the team and I am proud of the Netherlands.”