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Van Dijk doesn’t care about English booing

van Dijk

The Netherlands defender was jeered again by English fans during his team’s loss to Portugal in the UEFA Nations League Final.

The Netherlands defeated England in the UEFA Nations League Semifinal.

Then they went onto play against Portugal in the Final, only to lose 1-0.

During both matches, Liverpool’s Dutch defender Virgil van Dijk was booed by English fans.

And he doesn’t care.

“I don’t really care, if somebody boos me or boos the team, we’re trying to win the game,” he said to Goal.

“We know we have a lot of support behind us anyway and at the end of the day it’s us players who have to do the job, and it doesn’t affect me at all.”

“Well, yeah, obviously we wanted to win, that’s the main thing,” he added.

“We have to keep our heads up high, recover from all of this, learn from this whole experience, because we have a young group, and make sure we qualify for the Euros.”

He explained “It’s a totally different team we faced. I think they wait for our mistakes, they sit back a little bit and let us have the ball, and I think the pace of the game was not high, especially the first half, but I don’t think they had too big chances, and were a bit luckier in the end than we were.”

“I think before this tournament if someone said we would be in the final, we would beat France, Germany, England, then somebody would say you’re crazy, so we have to be proud of ourselves.”