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‘Van Dijk is not the best ever defender in the Premier League’

Van Dijk
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Virgil Van Dijk might be the best around now but hasn’t done enough to be the Premier League’s best ever defender, as per Liverpool legend Steve Nicol.

Van Dijk is without a doubt the best defender in the Premier League right now and that’s not debatable.

Since joining Liverpool in 2018, the Dutchman has transformed the Reds’ backline and has seen them emerge as one of Europe’s elite once again.

However, a debatable statement is whether he has done enough to be called the best ever in the Premier League.

Vincent Kompany recently caused a stir after naming Van Dijk the best ever defender in the competition’s history.

Many have taken to different takes on the matter and the latest is from Liverpool legend Steve Nicol who begs to differ from Kompany’s claims.

He told ESPN FC: “I think it’s very difficult to turn around and say he’s the best centre-back ever in the Premier League history because the problem is right now he’s current and that’s what Kompany’s focusing on.”

“I think the other thing you have to remember is that it was such an obvious problem Liverpool had, it was such a gaping hole in the back, the reason they couldn’t get across the line is because they were losing goals. ‘The best guy around in the Premier League at Southampton was Van Dijk and he’s come in and he has been superb.”

Steve believes Van Dijk still has to maintain his consistency for a couple more seasons before he can be considered in that conversation.

“He right now, no question, is the top centre-back in world football, never mind just in the Premier League.”

“It’s a short space at the very top with Liverpool, two seasons, so I’m not quite ready to say he’s the best one ever. ‘He’s certainly up there in the argument but just a little early for me to be throwing that sort of accolade around.”