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Van Dijk “is that good” and he and everyone around him knows it

Virgil Van Dijk
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Virgil Van Dijk is an exceptional player, in fact, he’s that good he has even given his opponents a heads up.

Virgil Van Dijk got his first big break when he joined Scottish champions Celtic.

Van Dijk was a two million Euro signing from FC Groningen. When he arrived in Scotland Celtic manager Neil Lennon knew straight away he had a special talent on his hands.

He even told the Dutch center-back his time in Scotland would not last long.

Speaking to BT Sport, Lennon said:

“After one day I pulled him in after training and said to him he wouldn’t be here long, so to enjoy yourself.”

In his last game for Celtic before he moved to the Premier League with Southampton, Van Dijk himself warned a striker he was marking, it was better for him if he just quit.

According to Sport Bible, St Johnstone’s Graham Cummins recalls:

“The first ball, I tried to sprint with him and he just boshed me out of it.”

“I was out of breath and blowing out of backside and he just turned to me and said ‘I wouldn’t even bother, I’m just too good.”

Van Dijk was mere shadow then of the defender he is now. He has certainly become stronger and more complete as a player.

He is for very good reason widely considered the best defender in the world.