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Van Dijk remembers Champions League best moments

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One of the best Liverpool footballers, Virgil van Dijk, is ready for the new season, but he wanted to remember the European trophy.

With the English Premier Season ready to start, Liverpool footballer Virgil van Dijk wanted to remember the best moments his club had in the UEFA Champions League.

He is looking for inspiration as a way to fight head-to-head with Manchester City for the EPL title.

“It’s a feeling you can’t really describe,” the center-back told ESPN FC about Origi’s goal in the Semifinal.

“It was pure relief taking over my body. We were under pressure before that, and I thought ‘finally, it’s over’.”

“We were dropping back, we were defending like mad. At one point, we were just hoofing the ball forward, but it was the mental aspect.”

“Usually we would build from the back, play our own football, but going 1-0 up after two minutes [through Mohamed Salah’s penalty] is just a crazy situation in such a big game,” he added.

“Everyone can say what they want about how s— the final was, but for us, it didn’t matter after Divock scored the goal.”

“There were so many emotions, but the first one was a relief,” he commented.

“[Manchester City] is incredible. And so are we.”

“To get so close in the league was remarkable — 97 points and just one defeat — so it was disappointing not to win it, but I put that feeling away,” the Dutchman said.

“I could respect that City were one point better last season. It’s driven me on to work, even more, to push the limits and help do everything we can to win.”

“We know it will be difficult, because they will improve and so will the other teams, but we are not afraid of challenges,” he concluded.