Van Gaal lashes out against Man United’s Ed Woodward

Dutch manager Louis van Gaal came out to defend Jose Mourinho’s time at Manchester United, he heavily criticized Ed Woodward’s methods.

To be perfectly honest with all the Man United fans, the Red Devils would be toast if it wasn’t for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s arrival due to Ed Woodward’s poor management skills and Louis van Gaal made sure to remind everyone of this.

The Dutch manager made a terrible mistake by comparing Jose Mourinho with the Norwegian manager’s tactics, he thinks that both of them play the infamous ‘Park the Bus’ method with the difference that Solskjaer is winning his matches.

This preconception is completely wrong and misguided, the former Manchester United player understands the club’s offensive tradition far better than both Van Gaal or Jose Mourinho ever will and the Dutch manager is defending the Portuguese manager because they are both really good friends.

It’s not only the results what set Mourinho from Solskjaer apart, but the best example we can give you is also the way in which both managers handled Paul Pogba’s position on the pitch.

While Jose decided that Paul needed to work far more on his defensive aspect of the game, Solskjaer understood that the French midfielder was better off playing in the more creative part of the field.

The results from Paul Pogba are more than enough proof that Louis van Gaal is completely wrong with his analysis, Manchester United doesn’t have in its blood to play defensive football because their academies have always placed creativity above pragmatism from a very early age in every single player.

We understand that Louis van Gaal’s attack on the club has a root that we can trace to the day when he was notified that he would be replaced, this was the exact moment in which the Dutch manager got convinced that this was foul play against him and the only man responsible for this was chairman Ed Woodward.

Van Gaal isn’t even angry with Mourinho for taking his job, he simply didn’t feel like the way he was treated was the correct one.

After all, Louis van Gaal is considered one of the best managers in football history and he at least deserved better treatment from the club due to all the hard work that he put into the Red Devils’ youth development alone.

The Dutchman has all the credit of bringing up players such as Marcus Rashford, Jesse Lingard, and also being the one who advised the board to sign Anthony Martial from AS Monaco.

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During a recent interview with BBC Sport where he already discussed his idea about Ole Gunnar Solskjaer playing the same defensive football than Mourinho, Van Gaal also revealed how bitter he still is with the way in which he was sacked by the Red Devils’ board of directors.

He seemed especially angry towards Ed Woodward and his methods: “What I don’t like is (Ed) Woodward contacting my successor, knowing in his mind he will replace me and he keeps his mouth shut for six months,” he said.

“Every Friday I had to go into press conferences and be asked what I thought about the rumours. What does that do to the authority of the coach?”

“To win the FA Cup when, for six months, the media has a noose round my neck, is my biggest achievement.”

“I spoke to Woodward the day after that game. His argument was that I was only going to be there for one more year and Mourinho would be there for three, four or five. I appreciate he hired a private plane to get me back to Portugal but his arguments were not good enough.”

What do you think about the way in which Ed Woodward treated Louis van Gaal at Manchester United? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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