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Van Persie – A Solskjaer Pogba joint interview might help

solskjaer, Pogba, Manchester United
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Robin Van Persie suggests a joint interview with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Paul Pogba may help resolve a lot of the current issues.

Paul Pogba and his Manchester United career is a bone of contention among many. The questions surrounding the player’s form and future are never-ending.

Former United striker Robin Van Persie has a solution.

Paul Pogba’s future has been up in the air for months if not more, and Ole Gunnar Solskajer is faced with a barrage of questions on a regular basis.

None of this is helped by an outspoken agent who is agitating the situation at every opportunity.

Then there is Pogba’s form. He has never really delivered at United on a consistent basis.

The Dutchman puts this down to nobody really knowing his best or favorite position and therefore not knowing what to expect from the French World Cup winner.

Solskjaers is giving uninspiring answers, and the player is saying nothing.

Speaking to Stats Perform, Van Persie admitted that he is a huge fan of Pogba, but he feels that a “clear the air” interview with both the player and the manager present would help.

He said:

“It’s very difficult. With Pogba, it’s an interesting situation.”

“Pogba, in my opinion, is a world-class player, he has proven it over the years. He has it all.”

“I think he should come out and he should say what his favorite position is.”

“Then, you have the second subject: is he happy there?”

“There’s a lot going on besides the main event, and the most important thing is football.”

“I think for Pogba, and Manchester, it would be best to… I don’t know, do an interview together or something.”

“Together with the coach, and just say, ‘this is where I would like to play – I’m happy, or I’m not happy, or whatever’.”

United are still waiting to get the Frenchman fit. He has only played seven games all season.