Van Persie applauds De Jong for choosing FC Barcelona 

After knowing that Frenkie de Jong will play for Barcelona from now on, Robin van Persie applauded the player for rejecting other clubs for that one.

Football today is a lot more complicated than anybody would think, players like Frenkie de Jong get to pick between clubs like Barcelona or Manchester City but such a major decision shouldn’t even be a question for Robin van Persie.

The Dutch forward who is on the brink of retirement is happy that De Jong chose FC Barcelona over any other club, as he thinks the youngster is the perfect fit for the Catalan club and choosing comes easier once you realize which club has the biggest tradition.

It’s not that we are against players like Neymar who chose to play for relatively new clubs like PSG, it’s that Barcelona simply has a competitive gene that these new clubs are only starting to develop.

Take Manchester City, for example, the board of directors brought Pep Guardiola to build that history on a good foundation but even the manager has stated repeatedly that his players are not ready to win the Champions League yet.

For Robin van Persie, Frenkie de Jong needed to go with the club that can secure him the possibility of at least fight to win the biggest trophy there is to win at club level.

We mention Neymar because he is the biggest example of a player who made the bad decision, he has struggled hard to reach the goals he set himself when he first arrived in Paris.

The Brazilian player decided to opt for a more stellar role in a club that had all the money in the world, but still lacks that competitive gene that may or may not get as the years go by.

De Jong was right to make this decision in Van Persie’s mind, he was smart for being able to distinguish this difference between clubs and not listen to the “sirens” calling for him from all over Europe.

“If I had the option of Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, and Barcelona, I would make exactly that choice too,” Van Persie revealed to the Dutch outlet NOS.

“Barça is a beautiful club, it seems to me. He also plays in their way, he is a smart player, technically gifted, he sees the game very well, and when he starts playing with guys like (Lionel) Messi and (Sergio) Busquets, he’ll get even better.”

“You see players breaking through in England, at Liverpool and Manchester United, and now Frenkie is going to Barça,” he said.

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“We are in a good phase again. The Oranje is playing well again and enjoying it all, I would say.”

This new adventure for Frenkie de Jong shall prove that he is the right fit for a club like Barcelona, a player that even Lionel Messi was reportedly eager to play with and someone who is good enough to already be considered Sergio Busquet’s ideal successor.

It appears that life has created both Frenkie de Jong and FC Barcelona to live with each other from the very beginning, we are talking about a player who is the perfect mix that legendary Johan Cruyff always dreamed from a player.

A midfielder with the skills of a Spaniard, but the physical prowess of a youth product who was raised at Ajax to then someday play for Barcelona.

Even though Frenkie won’t start his journey until July this year, everybody is really excited for him to wear the Catalan club’s colors and start creating magic alongside players like Messi or Sergio Busquets.

But De Jong isn’t only Barcelona’s highest hope for the future, he is also a major part of Holland’s revival of late as Van Persie well put it.

The Dutch have a world-class midfielder for the next decade, he is the one who should lead his country forward in the neverending search for that elusive first World Cup trophy.

What is the biggest asset that Frenkie de Jong can offer to a club like FC Barcelona? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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