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Van Persie compares being at Arsenal to being married

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Dutch forward Robin van Persie explained why he left Arsenal for Manchester United seven years ago in the English Premier League.

36-year-old Robin van Persie played for Arsenal from 2004 to 2012.

And he surprised the world when he moved to Manchester United.

Now he has explained why he decided to transfer out.

“You can compare [me being at Arsenal] to being married. Me and my wife – Arsenal – were married for eight years,” van Persie told Football 365.

“After eight years, my wife possibly got a bit tired of me. Those are the facts.”

The forward explained: “If Arsenal is not offering you a new deal… you can have different views on things but the fact is Arsenal never offered me a new deal.”

“Then you have a look around. I was ambitious. I still wanted to win the league. That is life.”

“I ended up having three options. One option abroad disappeared quickly. Then it was City or Manchester United,” he said.

“What people don’t know, during the transfer, loads of things are happening behind the scenes.”

“You have to take a lot on and make a choice based on what your targets are but also deal with the facts,” he commented.

“One of the main facts was that Arsenal got tired of me. That was the starting point – they didn’t offer me a new deal.

Van Persie concluded: “We had loads of chats with Wenger, with [Ivan] Gazidis. They gave me no decision to make.”