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VAR approved by FIFA for the 2018 World Cup

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The relatively new technology will be implemented in the forthcoming World Cup in Russia.

FIFA president Giovanni Vincenzo has confirmed that the video assistant referee system will be used for the first time at a World Cup during a meeting of the football governing body in Bogata.

“We also spoke about football, we’re going to have our first World Cup in 2018 with [the] video assistant refereeing system,” Infantino said during a news conference as quoted by AS.

“This has been adopted and approved and obviously we are extremely happy with that decision.”

“Yes, as I said before, that’s an essential decision, a historic decision, based on [the] findings of IFAB two weeks back, more or less.

“A decision based on trials carried out on over a thousand matches, provides us with guarantees that VAR definitely helps referees – will help for us to have a more fair and transparent sport. The referee has his work cut out already and can make a mistake like any human being, if we can help him to correct these mistakes let’s do so. That’s our position.

“We’ve looked at the technology to be ready for the World Cup. We have complete faith in the head of our referee committee Pierluigi Collina and his team, extraordinary professionals who will prepare referees for the World Cup.”