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Veron – Lautaro is a mix of Batistuta, Aguero, and Crespo

Lautaro martinez. gabriel batistuta, sergio aguero, hernan crespo, argentina
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Juan Sebastian Veron believes Lautaro Martinez is a combination of Gabriel Batistuta, Sergio Aguero, and Hernan Crespo, making him the complete striker.

The former Manchester United and Argentina midfielder believes that his fellow Argentine Martinez is something special.

So special that you simply cannot compare him.

He is a mix of several Argentine legends, making him the complete striker.

In an interview with Gazzetta Dello Sport, Veron once called a “magician” on the football field, believed his nickname is more suited to Martinez after his magical performances.

He said:

“It’s not me that’s the magician, this must be clear.”

Veron feels it’s an injustice to compare to a single player.

But he rather sees the attributes from three and this is what makes him so special.

He added:

“It’s impossible [to compare him to a single player].”

“Lautaro is a mix.”

“Let me explain… I see certain movements of Aguero, especially when the team is going forward and pulling himself away to dictate the passing.”

“He’s got the power of Batistuta in his shot and he is as cunning as Crespo in the box.”

“He’s definitely not a classic center-forward like Batistuta, but rather a complete striker.”

Transfer rumors have surrounded the player for several months now, with Barcelona apaprently eyeing him as a long term replecment for Luis Suarez.