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Verratti wants Buffon back with the Italy national team

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The footballer believes the former Azzurri goalkeeper can have a role within the Italy national team set-up without any problem.

Marco Verratti believes former Italy national team goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon can play a big role within the Azzurri set-up.

“It’s true that in Europe we didn’t go all the way, but other teams went out before us,” Verratti told Football Italia.

“The Champions League is decided by incidents and details.”

“There are seven to eight teams that can win the trophy,” he added.

“I’m happy in Paris, I’ve been here for seven years now and this project makes me want to stay.”

“Before the end of the season Buffon and I talked a lot, I knew there was this possibility of him leaving,” he commented.

“He was loved by everyone. Even though he only had one season with us, he left behind so much.”

The player explained: “I’ll never forget sharing a dressing room with him. Players like him must decide when to stop when to finish playing and start a new experience.”

“The season was beautiful and he was very important to the dressing room, even if he didn’t always play.”

“Should he come here, in the national team, to fulfill a role… I think it would give us an advantage.”